Glacier Film, LLC. is a small commercial independent audio & video production
company located in Anchorage, Alaska. We are engaged in location audio
production services for the feature film, reality TV shows and HD TV production
industry shooting in Alaska.
Great visuals demand good sound. This is what we do! We provide the service
of recording good sound tracks for your editor. We believe the sound editor
should actually have something usable to work with in post!

Great video looks better with good audio.

We use the best in Neumann, DPA and Sanken microphones together with Sound Devices mixer & digital recorder and Lectrosonics wireless transmitter, receivers & IFB’s. We just started using the Sonosax SX62R recorder, it is one of the best portable recorders ever made.

Glacier Film is actively shooting creative stock 2K HD video using a “very light”
camera package producing uncompressed 2K CinemaDNG Raw files with a
great sound track. Our rights managed stock video include aerial and time
laps video, scenic & wildlife, industrial video including the mining industry, oil
& gas industry and visual images for the Alaska travel and cruise ship industry.
We shoot the scenic views of State & National Forest and our National Parks in
the USA. We believe acoustic field recording for the base 5.1 surround sound
soundtrack greatly helps the sound editor build a realistic and strong sound
track for any HD video production.
It is the intent of Glacier Film, LLC. to engage in the production of short
documentary films for TV. We are in the development stage of projects that we
are actively seeking funding for.
Glacier Film, LLC. use creative freelance talent on all our projects. We believe
our clients are best served this way as no two jobs are alike.


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